Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Friday April 27
X75, W42
SRBike 72/17.1 miles
TRun 66/7.27 miles

Saturday April 28
SRBike 25/6 miles
TRun 60/6.35 miles
Swim 15/600 yards
SRBike 64/16.2 miles

Sunday April 29
SRBike 22/5.5 miles
TRun 120/12.47 miles
Swim 25/1000 yards

Monday April 30
X77, W30
SRBike 70/17.4 miles
TRun 65/7.05 miles
APRIL 2012 total running miles:
(without fractions)
Consecutive Days Running Streak live on
Through April 2012 AT: 242
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  1. Thanks for the comment - recently I got a pair of Newtons and Brooks Pure Flows shoes. I've been running in either of them for pretty much every run since maybe November or so. I've also been trying to run midfoot strike too. In general I'd say that I was doing somewhat of a midfoot strike before I bought Newtons or Brooks too. One of my friends runs in the Skechers Go Runs, maybe I should try a pair of those.

    Though I think my problem is that sometimes I don't do enough strength training for my glutes and other complementary muscles, I need to keep that up even while I'm running consistently.